Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vintage-Looking Mica Flake Candy Canes

These vintage-looking mica flake candy canes can be hung on the Christmas tree, used as bowl fillers, attached to an artificial or fresh evergreen wreath or garland, placed in a mason jar for decoration, etc. The possibilities are many, and they are easy to make!!

 You Will Need:
11mm x 12in chenille candy cane stems
(red/white and red/green stems available at Hobby Lobby)
about 1/3 cup Nestea® instant tea
Modge Podge® (matte finish)
*mica flakes
*I purchased my mica flakes from Country Whims.  Click here to visit this site!

How to Make:
1. Whip up a tea mixture using instant tea.  I used about a 1/3 cup Nestea® instant tea and 2 cups of warm water.  Stir together and heat on the stove until hot (hot enough to still put your finger in it—not boiling)—this takes very little time. 
2. Pour the mixture in a broiler pan (without the top grate) or a cookie sheet with sides. 

3. Dunk chenille stems in the mixture and swish them around until stained on all sides.

4. Ring out excess tea by squeezing the stems at the top and moving your hand downward.  Repeat several times if necessary.

5. Place chenille stems on several layers of paper towels to dry.

6. Bend stems in the shape of candy canes.  Place mica flakes in a shoe box.

7. Modge Podge® canes on both sides using a fat brush. I actually Modge Podge®d my chenille stems when they were still a bit damp. I did several at a time.

8. Drop canes in the shoebox of mica flakes and cover so they have been sprinkled with flakes on all sides. 

9. Hang on a wire or dowel rod to dry.  I simply place a dowel rod or wire across a large storage tub and let hang to dry.

10. Then hang, or affix, candy canes to holiday decorations. 
A bundle of candy canes makes a perfect gift.  Bundle a desired number of candy canes and tie them loosely with jute.  Then affix a vintage tag to the bundle.

Vintage Tag Preparation: Print tags on kraft or off-white/cream colored cardstock.  The sample was printed on kraft cardstock.  Trim along the outside edge of tag.  Punch a whole in the middle of the dot at the top of each tag.  Attach an eyelet, if desired.  I used a brushed copper looking eyelet.  Attach to candy canes with string. 

Try This!  Cut chenille and make a mini version.

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  1. Love these. Thanks for the tips and tutorial!