Friday, December 14, 2012

Paper Folding: Star/Wreath Ornament

These folded paper stars/wreaths turn out wonderful!  I had great fun last weekend making some for my grandson (for gifts) after he picked out the paper combinations.  Great to hang on the tree, tie on a gift, use as bowl fillers, etc.!

You Will Need:

two scrapbook papers of complementing design/color
paper cutter
thin jute or string for hanging

How to Make:
1. Cut scrapbook paper into 6, 2.5" x 5" pieces (3 of each design/color).

2. Fold each piece in half lengthwise, with design/color facing out (see photo).

3. Open each piece, flatten with design/color side face-down, and fold in each corner to "meet" the fold (see photo).

4.  Refold on lengthwise fold (see photo).

5.  Fold each piece in half with pointed tips meeting (see photo).

6.  Holding on the fold, snip off each tip (see photo).

7.  Assemble star by following each step as shown in the photos below.  Make sure to hold pieces as demonstrated.


8.  Cut a piece of jute, match up the ends, and feed the loop through the center of star/wreath (see photo). 

9.  Feed ends of jute through loop and pull taut.  Knot at the top.

I love making these!  Choose paper to fit your style--the combinations are many!

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